october 16 blog report

Hi all!

I had a very fun night with my little amigo tonight.

We started our session with some home reading. It was a story about bones and the skeletal system. It had some complicated words like “cartilage” he made a great attempt and sounding out the words and not mumbling or slurring his speech. After we were done we had a “dance party!” We stretched out all his bones!! He really liked to dance and stretch the bones that he just read about..for some reason “Collar Bone ” makes him giggle.

We did the phone calls…hmmm! I made him do it twice because I was not impressed with him!! First I made a point of telling him and drawing out all the rules, but unfortunately someone sprang up like a chicken again and ran out to all the bedrooms. Sandy had to phone twice because he missed the call:(

On the second trial we did much better. but the first time was enough to make my hairs stand on end!! I think I will have to offer him a huge reward to get results that we are looking for.

In the end he did manage to get his act together and we had a lovely walk.

We also mastered multiple interpretations.




october 14

Hello, Happy Thanksgiving to all.

1) I did the beginning, middle end program today, I really noticed that when we read him a story you really need to check in with B. and make sure as you go along, to ask him questions about the text that we are reading.  B. presents as confident but at times his comprehension to longer stories is weak. If a story is “Curious George” for example he will have a predictable out come so it will be easy to have a high score. By reading him this type of story we are doing him a disservice, as he muddles through without learning much. I have been making sure to pick stories that will challenge his imagination and is comprehension skills. Also it is good practise for later academic success to stop and have him and answer questions from passages that he or the tutor has read.

2) Corrine I would like us to review the telephone program and see how we can re work this as B. Is making the same mistakes. I would like to create new criteria to ensure success, I truly believe we have to start from the beginning again as this will be one of those programs that will have to be worked on strenuously.  

3) I was wondering if and when we are going to present B. with interruption and transition programs. At this point B. has earned rewards for things…but what about introducing a program were he 1) gets the reward but for some reason he cannot attain it until the next tutor comes. It seems that unexpected things or things that are not in order still bother him greatly and he is not able to cope with upsetting situations. I’m not suggesting torture!, just a natural consequence if something does not go his way. For example more things that he likes that go “missing” or delaying a preferred activity.

see you tomorrow Corrine.


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