october 16 blog report

Hi all!

I had a very fun night with my little amigo tonight.

We started our session with some home reading. It was a story about bones and the skeletal system. It had some complicated words like “cartilage” he made a great attempt and sounding out the words and not mumbling or slurring his speech. After we were done we had a “dance party!” We stretched out all his bones!! He really liked to dance and stretch the bones that he just read about..for some reason “Collar Bone ” makes him giggle.

We did the phone calls…hmmm! I made him do it twice because I was not impressed with him!! First I made a point of telling him and drawing out all the rules, but unfortunately someone sprang up like a chicken again and ran out to all the bedrooms. Sandy had to phone twice because he missed the call:(

On the second trial we did much better. but the first time was enough to make my hairs stand on end!! I think I will have to offer him a huge reward to get results that we are looking for.

In the end he did manage to get his act together and we had a lovely walk.

We also mastered multiple interpretations.




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